Withings Smart Baby Monitor

Withings Smart Baby Monitor is basically a 3 megapixel video sensor which is usually connected with an iOS or any android device to enable you view images of your baby from any location. The whole system uses Bluetooth connection.

Withings Smart Baby Monitor comes forth with a great deal of benefits. To start with, setting up the whole system is pretty simple. You will only require having a Smartphone which is Bluetooth enabled. Once the software is installed to your smartphone and the monitor mounted on the baby’s crib, the whole system is ready for connection and use.



Temperature and Humidity Sensors: Knowing the temperature and humidity levels in the baby’s room is of great essence. Withings Smart Baby Monitor is equipped with a feature that alerts you when the temperature in your baby’s room rises. You will also be in a position to know when the room turns humid or cold. That way, you can switch on the air conditioners and room heaters accordingly.

Wide Video Coverage: It comes with a camera which has the capacity to cover a relatively wide area. This allows you to monitor uncomfortable baby movements. Note that some baby movements could be an indicator that the baby is being bothered by something.


One unpleasant thing about it is the nature of the night mode videos. The infrared feature does not bring out clear images of the baby as compared to the daylight mode. To some point, you may strain to view the images of your baby at night.


With the great deal of features and benefits that Withings Smart Baby Monitor offers, it is evident that it is an ideal choice for parents who wish to have a close eye on their babies. After all, the pros of this baby monitor supersede the cons.

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