WiFi Baby Monitor, how they stack up to other baby monitor

Best Baby Monitors- WiFi Baby Monitors

If you are shopping for a baby monitor you probably realized there are many different types of baby monitors and might feel a little overwhelmed. What we are going to do is start a series breaking down each different type of baby monitor to help you narrow down you search and make the task seem less daunting. In this article we are going to talk about WiFi Baby Monitors. What makes a baby monitor a WiFi baby monitor is very simple when your receiver (camera) talks to the end point (what you watch) by using your internet’s signal then it is a WiFi baby monitor.

Wifi Baby MonitorGeneral Features

Various brands on the market come with slightly different features, but all WiFi baby monitors share many characteristics. Basically, it is a tiny infrared and color camera encased in an attractive plastic shell. It comes with a mounting bracket to allow you to attach it to a stand or a wall. The camera has a sturdy square-shaped body and an antenna housed in thick plastic to protect it from falls. The front has a color camera, a microphone, a host of IR sensors, a light sensor and a power indicator. It also comes with a software tool.

How it works

Unlike older monitors that use a 900MHz bandwidth to send audio feedback, WiFi monitors utilize your home WiFi network to send video and audio feedback via wireless signal to your smart device. Some companies provide you a receiver that you need to connect to the internet but kits don’t come with a receiver. To view your child WiFi kits allow you to use any smart phone, tablet, or computer that is connected to the internet. You log-in into your “cloud” and view your babies stream from there.   You simply need to connect your WiFi baby monitor to your router with a network cable, configure the IP address using the software, and setup your log-in details and other credentials. It is not as complex as it sounds but just in case you are stuck, you can check the manual and some models even offer online customer support. If your still stuck feel free to post in the comments below, send us a message, or even get in touch with us on our Facebook Page and we can help you out.

The monitor displays real-time data on your smart device. The video has a time and date stamp to let you know the monitor is functioning properly. You can monitor your baby using your PC, Mac, iOS and android devices on all the devices that we have reviewed under our WiFi Baby Monitors tab. The audio is loud and clear, and video quality is exceptional. The camera switches to night mode when dark sets in, and it’s still bright and clear.

ProsSummer Infant Baby Monitor, Wifi Baby Monitor


The best WiFi baby monitors allow for freedom from wires, set video feedback devices, and noise interference from other devices. Make sure that you register your product when you purchase, read your manual, and set up log-in information that can not be easily figured out to secure your connection. If all the measures are set then a WiFi baby monitor can be an amazing device that gives you freedoms you never expected when it comes to your little one.

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