VTech Communications Baby Monitor

As said by the child expert Kimberlee Mitchell that childproofing and monitoring help the parents to avoid all kinds of injuries which may be unintentional but still be dangerous to children who are under the age of 4. VTech Communications products are always designed keeping child’s safety in mind.

The VTech Communications Safe and Sound Digital audio monitor is a baby monitor that lets you to monitor over your baby from any room, listening to any sudden disturbances or need arising in the room of the baby. The baby monitor has a parent unit which has clips on it, allowing you to clip onto your pocket or belt, and enables you to carry them around easily.

The best thing in this product is you can talk to your baby without being in the same room. It has a talk back feature on it and no matter where ever you are in the house you can talk back to your kid in case your baby is distressed. Thanks to this baby monitor as it is having a long range of around 1000fts. The parent unit comes with rechargeable batteries which give you 18 hours of backup and you can wander without your monitor going down for almost a day once you charge the battery. There is a 6-level LED lights in the top of the unit which indicates any kind of noise in the baby’s room. Additionally, the loop on the baby monitor which glows in the night also acts like a night light. In case there is a noise in the babies room the product vibrates to the noise and you can be silently alerted to the disturbances and take actions or monitor your baby accordingly.

The units come with separate chargers and the unit has digital transmission as a result it does not pick up any annoying light noise.




All these innovative features help the product to be one of the best baby monitoring systems and as a result are sold at mass. It helps in taking care of the baby complete round the clock and help monitoring your baby even when you have several work or vital activities to take care at. Hence VTech baby monitor is a highly recommended product and is worth expenditure for all the parents with a new born baby.

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