Motorola MBP36 Baby Monitor

Keeping your baby safe while he or she is asleep is a very important job. But this shouldn’t mean that you can’t sit downstairs and watch TV while your little one is having a nap. To keep them safe you need to invest in a reliable baby monitor. Wireless baby monitors allow you to sit anywhere in your house and still be able to hear when your baby is awake and crying. One suitable baby monitor you might like to look at is the Motorola MBP36, this review will look at the reasons you should consider buying this baby monitor.

The Motorola MBP36 is a state of the art baby monitor which features a large 3.5 inch screen so you can view your baby whenever you want. The night vision camera also makes it possible to turn all the lights off and still clearly see your baby. The wireless unit communicates using 2.4Ghz radio waves, this means that it is very reliable and it will always allow you to see and hear your baby.

The range of the MBP36 is 200 meters, if you do get close to going out of range then the machine will let you know. The machine will also sound an alarm if you go out of range so that you know you won’t be able to hear and see your child. All data is encrypted which means it cannot be picked up or intercepted by anyone else.

The MBP36 is plugged into a mains outlet which means that there is no need to worry about the batteries dying. The parent unit is fully portable and so has a rechargeable battery unit. If the battery is running low on charge then it will warn you so you can charge the unit.
The baby monitor is made from plastic but doesn’t feel overly plasticity. It has a good build quality and feels like it will last for quite some time.


Setting up the MBP36 is very easy. You just need to unpack it, plug the units in and then you can start using the baby monitor. There is no complicated setup procedure to follow. As soon as the baby monitors are turned on the picture will show up and they can be used right away.




The battery powered parent unit will run out of power quicker than other baby monitors. This is just because of the large color screen.


If you are looking for a baby monitor with a camera and color screen then you should consider buying the Motorola MBP36 Baby Monitor. This has a good build quality and lots of nice extra features. The ability to talk back to your child and play lullabies are nice extras. Shop online to get a great deal on this baby monitor to save yourself a bit of cash.

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