Motorola MBP33 Baby Monitor

The Motorola MBP33 Baby Monitor takes baby monitoring tasks to a whole new level. Thanks to the advanced technology that this gadget comes along with.

Right now, this baby monitor is considered one of the most popular product in its category. If you are looking for an ideal baby monitor that will give you the piece of mind you’ve always desired to have, think Motorola MBP33 Baby Monitor.┬áThis gadget is suitable for families who live in big homes, say those who may require more than just a standard video monitor to watch their babies sleeping.


Crisp Clear LCD Display

The Motorola MBP33 is equipped with infrared night vision and zoom, as well as a full-color 2.8 inch LCD display which captures every occasion in real time. It also captures any sound made by your little one at night. The screen is very clear, especially with the infrared night vision.

Room Temperature Monitor

Users love the function of the room temperature sensor which reports any updates on the LCD display. Most baby monitors available in the market today are not equipped with such advanced technology, and this makes it a plus.

Two-way Communication

The parent unit comes with an in-built microphone to allow for two-way communication. You can use the microphone to soothe your little one till they fall asleep. The unit comes with pre-installed lullabies to calm the senses of your baby as they prepare to sleep.

Great Sound Quality

The audio quality is superb. If your baby is sleeping in a spacious room, this feature can be very useful. Generally, there are several great features on this device that will make you love it. Parenting has never been that easy before. This time round, it’s possible to monitor your little one using technology. It’s very convenient.



Every user rates it highly when they experience what it has to offer. If you are a parent, this is a gadget you definitely need. It won’t cost you that much, yet it will help you keep an eye on that little child.

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