Motorola MBP26 Baby Monitor

If you are in search of a baby monitor that operates under the wireless technology, then Motorola BBP26 can work ideally for you. It is a one-of-a-kind baby monitor which a great number of parents prefer over other brands. The good thing about Motorola MBP26 is that it is made with regard to the modern technology not only to play a perfect match with today’s parents but also to make baby monitoring a painless mission.

The gadget can be termed as an integration of different features which greatly enhance the manner in which it operates. Each feature that this monitor has plays a very vital role in ensuring that your baby is under a close watch all along. It has a video function to ensure that parents not only get audio from the baby’s room but videos as well. This means that you will not necessarily require moving to the baby’s room all in the name of checking on them.

Here are the main things you should know about Motorola MBP26 baby monitor:


Remote Control Camera- instead of moving to the baby’s room all in the name of placing the camera in the right position, everything can be done from the parent’s end. This is because Motorola MBP baby monitor has a remote control feature which allows you to control the camera from afar. You can therefore change the position of the camera and also alter the image size from the comfort of your bed.

Perfect Camera Movements- It is always important to ensure that you have the best coverage of the baby’s room any time you are using a monitor. In this regard, Motorola MBP26 baby monitor comes with a camera which can be moved in different angles for utmost room coverage. With the help of the remote control function, it is very possible to tilt and pan the camera in different positions and angles. You can also zoom images in and out to have a clear view of your baby. This means that the control of your camera is very easy and convenient. The coverage provided is simply incredible.

Talk-Back- It feels great to have constant communication with your baby. Motorola MBP26 ensures that the communication between you and your baby is not broken at all. The system comes with high quality speakers and microphones. You will certainly be amazed with the nature of sound produced by the speakers. The microphone has high reception of sound to ensure that both the baby and parent get crystal clear audio.

Color LCD- Aside from offering the option of viewing your baby’s image, Motorola MBP26 goes ahead to ensure that the images are of high quality and crystal clear. This is because the system is accompanied by a color LCD screen which is designed to provide you with real images. The images are not in any way blurred or tainted. In addition, the screen is large enough to allow you have the best view of your baby.

Rechargeable Battery- To ensure that the contact between you and your baby is not interrupted at all, Motorola MBP26 has a rechargeable battery. The battery has the ability to serve you for long when you run out of electricity. The battery is of high quality and cannot in any way disappoint you. Upon running out of power, you will only require plugging in the parents unit and leave the battery to charge.


Wide Coverage- You will certainly like the fact that Motorola MBP26 has the capacity to cover a wide area. It is designed in a manner that parents can monitor their babies from as far as 520 feet away. This means that you will be able to know when anything unpleasant is happening in the baby’s room from afar and take measures accordingly. The monitor also has an out or range alert. This ensures that you know when the connection between the baby’s and parent’s units is broken hence get back to the range of coverage.

Night Vision- The truth is that your baby may not be safe at night especially if they are sleeping in a separate room. With Motorola MBP26 baby monitor, you can be assured that viewing the baby’s room at night is not a problem. It comes with an infrared feature to ensure that clear view is achieved regardless the darkness intensity.


It is certainly clear that this baby monitor is a good one. However, you might require having constant power in your house since the battery is rechargeable and might run out when least expected. All the same, Motorola baby monitor is indisputably great.

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