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Product Name:Infant Optics Video Baby Monitor
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Every parent seeks to spend every second of their day ensuring their child is well taken care of. That is why Infant Optics Video Baby Monitor w/ Interchangeable Lens ensures they are in constant access to their child, even when the infants are sleeping while the parents conduct house chores. This baby monitor has optical lenses that interchange with LCD display and a tilted digital zoom.




What sets this baby monitor apart from the rest is its capability to interchange its optical lenses. This feature allows parents, guardians and nannies to customize the zoom and angle viewing. The monitor comes in three separate types of lenses. These include the Normal kind, Wide Angled type and Zoom. The wide angled type is purchased separately while the Zoom type allows its users to adjust the viewing angle and focal length similar to a professional camera.

The monitor has a 3.5” LCD with full color that allows video streaming in real time. This sleek feature provides clear colored images. It has a retractable antenna coupled with an LED display with sound activation. Now parents can listen to any activity in the rooms of their babies. Additionally, there is a DXR-8 feature that adds to the user’s convenience. These include a tilting remote controlled camera, night vision with infrared qualities, talk-back property and sensor at room temperature. The infrared quality added to the night vision allows parents to monitor their kids even when the lights are out.

Parents should consider this monitor as a great investment as the lens produce close-up images of their sleeping infant. The lens can be swapped to a panoramic lens convenient for monitoring a child’s movements. This allows parents to gain full access into their child’s activities when they are not present.

Furthermore, this baby monitor has a FHSS communication system that is data encrypted of 2.4 GHz. It makes transmission from the child’s room possible, thanks to its reliability. The data encryption is built inside the monitor for increased security. While the talk-back property enhances two-way communication, the retractable antenna gives an unobstructed view of the child’s movements.




This monitor serves to exceed a parent’s expectation when their baby’s safety is concerned. The DXR-8 has controls for brightness and volume for the parents to increase and decrease as they see fit. There are alarm and warning functions. The warning function alerts parents on any baby activities that might be out of their specific range, as well as when the monitor’s battery is running low. Moreover, there is also an indicator showing the monitor’s level of battery power.

It is important to note that this monitor’s battery is long-lasting making it even more reliable due to its ability to last for 10 hours while saving power. It lasts for 6 hours when the screen display remains on.




With really strong reviews on amazon the product this product continues to be a durable and high quality baby monitor. For more reviews on amazon click here. You can also check out our comparison guide here where currently the Infant Optics DXR-8 Baby Monitor is rated our best baby monitor.

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