Levana Jena Baby Monitor

You can now do more in a day without any fear of whereabouts of your kid, thanks to a Levana’s Jena Baby Video Monitor with 8+ hours of battery. The monitor gives the freedom, to know where your kid is and is he/she safe, by the use of this secure and private digital wireless giving a signal of up to 600 ft away.

Now you can feel free to go about your daily routine without going off the range. When you set it into PEEP mode, Jena can give you up to 12 hours power supply from this battery. PEEP stands for Power-off/on Energy Efficient Picture. This sets the monitor screen to sleep mode if at all there is no sound from the nursery. Immediately your kid makes a peep, this monitor will be activated so that you can see and hear what is happening.

You can use the two way talk to baby intercom for informing your kid that you are coming. Jena will also give you a clear and automatic night vision which can be up to fifteen feet from the crib.

Jena have some others extra features which are; nursery temperature monitoring, nightlight, lullabies and a camera which is expand-ability to 4. This baby monitor, the Jena is a dream of every parent becoming true, why left behind?


8 Hours Rechargeable Battery

Its rechargeable Lithium Ion superb battery makes this equipment unique. Currently, this battery is the most powerful to any baby monitor available in the market! It enables you to stay busy for more than eight hours with your video screen on. It serves you for 12 hours without recharging when in PEEP mode.

Private and Secure Digital Wireless Signal

The ClearVu technology will enable you to hear and see your baby with high clarity and precision from a distance 500 feet away. Some monitors do provide signals which are analog and can be intercepted, but for baby monitor, it provides an interference-free, private and secure signal. You are the only person who can see and hear the baby.

12 Hours Battery Life in PEEP Mode

When set in PEEP mode, Jena will give you over 12 hours of power supply from the battery without recharging. PEEP will sets the monitor screen to sleep if there is no sound from the nursery. The moment your baby peep, the monitor activate and then you can see and hear what is happening.

15 Feet Automatic Night Vision

It has a night vision in-built which allows the cameras to capture clear images of your baby, even when there is complete darkness. It can capture up to 15feet away. When the room darkens, the light level is adjusted automatically by the system. You can place this camera anywhere in your baby’s room.

Talk to Baby Two-way Communication

This feature allows you to talk to your kid while you are away, hence your kid wouldn’t be worried so much where the parents are. Talk to Baby intercom is also a good tool for talking to your partner.

Nursery Temperature Monitoring

Your kid’s room should be 20- 21 degree Celsius according to the study. This camera comes with a temperature monitor and the temperature of the nursery is displayed on the video monitor screen either in Celsius or in Fahrenheit.

Night Light

Some kids will prefer very little light in the room while at a sleep or when you want to sneak into your kid’s room aware not to bump into anything. The nightlight on the camera will allow you to do that.

5 Remote Controlled Lullabies

This monitor comes with five lullabies that are activated and can be changed by the parent via parent unit with a touch of the button. This will enable you to keep the music playing or even change the song till you find that your baby likes. You just deactivate the song from your room once the kid fall asleep.

Expandable up-to 4 Cameras

If you want to view more than the nursery you can expand the camera to have different views at the same time.



The big con is that, the picture quality on the monitor at night is not very good. At night, it is little hard to know what your kid is doing inside his crib. Though during the day you can see everything, at night you need to have it close to your kid so as to see what happening.


In conclusion, we can say that the features of this equipment are generally more advanced compared to other baby monitors which serve the same purpose in the market. The quality of the camera performance during the night should be worked on to improve.

Levana Jena Baby Monitor is one of the best equipment you should have for that precious kid of yours. Try it and you will never regret.

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  • Alison says:

    I don’t know if you all will be able to help me or not but I can’t seem to get my Levana Jena off PEEP mode. I can’t figure it out. I need helpppp.

    • Amber says:

      Hi Alison,
      Kindly follow the steps below to adjust the PEEP mode:
      1. Press the Menu button 4 times
      2. The VOX icon will display on the screen along with the current status of the function, either OFF or a gauge indicating the current sensitivity, 1-5.
      3. Use Up/Down buttons to adjust the PEEP mode.

      I hope it will help you. In case if you have any troubles, kindly reply.

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