Foscam FI8910W Baby Monitor

Out of the many models of baby monitors in the market currently, Foscam FI8910 stands unique. This is because the system is an integration of sophisticated features which gang up to make a completely modern monitor. It is important to note that Foscam has been on the spotlight for a long time as one of the world companies with the best products. This baby monitor is one of their products and it also falls under the category of the best.

One of the things that make this baby monitor preferable is the fact that you will not face hardships when installing it. It is designed in a manner that any person can install it regardless knowledge. Moreover, the system comes with a guide to enable you install it with much ease. It is also easy to operate hence making it hustle free to have a clear view of your baby. You can be assured of best experience in monitoring your baby once you opt for this modern gadget.

Here are some of the outstanding things you should know about Foscam FI8910 baby monitor:


Pan And Tilt Function- It is always great to have a wide view of your baby’s room. This is because one-point focus may limit you from seeing what is happening around the baby’s crib. The last thing you want is to endanger you baby by not viewing the surrounding environment. The good thing about Foscam FI8910 is that it comes with a tilt and pan function. This is to enable you have a wide coverage of the baby’s room. You can therefore position the monitor at a central point to allow for a complete coverage of the room.

Compatible With Many Devices- This is yet another great feature that makes Foscam FI8910 outstanding. It is made in such a way that it is compatible with a great deal of wireless devices. You can therefore watch live videos from your smartphone, android device or even your personal computer. All you need is a connection between the baby’s unit and the video device and you will be ready to receive best images of your baby.

In-built Speakers & Microphones- It is important to note that audio is a factor that should never be snubbed when you are in search of a baby monitor. This is because communication between you and your baby will be required. Without best audio, communication may not be possible. It will please you to note that Foscam FI8910 comes within inbuilt speakers and microphones which are of high quality to ensure that parents keep constant touch with their babies.

WiFi Monitor- It is always great to have a wireless baby monitor. This is because such monitors do not pose limitations to users as compared to wired ones. Foscam FI8910 comes with a WiFi function to enable you connect with the video end without use of wires. It only takes a short time to configure both the camera and video device using the WiFi function and the system will be ready for use.

Remote Control- Controlling the camera of this baby monitor is never a hustle. This is because Foscam FI8910 comes with a remote control feature to enable you adjust camera position from afar. This reduces the inconvenience of moving forth and back to your baby’s room in the name of adjusting the camera. Zooming, tilting and panning can be done from the comfort of the parent bedroom.

Additional Microphone Jack- Aside from the internal microphone that comes with this baby monitor, you can still add one more microphone on it. This is because the monitor provides room for additional microphone which is not a common feature in other brands. This feature can be used to enhance sound reception for best audio output.


Incredible Night Vision- Did you know that this baby monitor has the capacity to provide images which are as far as 24 feet away during the night? This is one of the most commanding features that you will certainly like about this baby monitor. The images provided are not in any way blurred. In fact, it is more like viewing your baby during the day. Your baby will therefore remain safe with a constant watch from the parent.


This is simply a baby monitor that every parent should have. It is cheap and carries some of the best features. With approximately $65, you will have this monitor for best care of your child. The gadget is indisputably great.

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