Foscam FBM3501 Video Baby Monitor

Foscam FBM3501 baby monitor stands as one of the most trending monitors in the market currently. The monitor comes with a couple of features which greatly boost its functionality and benefits to the user. It is made in line with the modern technology to suit your specification and also to make baby monitoring a remarkably easy task.

Foscam FBM3501 is completely authentic and made to last for a long duration without developing hitches. In this regard, you have a complete guarantee for the best service from this baby monitor. It is important to note that baby monitors are pretty costly hence the need to buy one that will not be denatured fast. Getting Foscam FBM3501 is the only way you will be spared the hustle of buying monitors over and over again.


Color LCD Display – It is important to first note that this baby monitor comes with a video function. In order to ensure that the parent views the baby in the best way, Foscam baby monitor features an LCD display. The screen is large enough to ensure that images produced are visible from afar. In addition, the screen has the capacity to display crystal clear images such that parents will not in any way struggle when monitoring their kids.

Zoom Function – At times, parents might find it necessary to view a specific point in the baby’s room or even the baby itself. In this regard, Foscam baby monitor comes with a zoom function to ensure that images are viewed in the best size. It is possible to zoom images in and out with regard to the point you consider best. This allows parents to grasp every detail in the baby’s room.

Two-Way Audio – It is always important to ensure that communication between you and your kid is retained irrespective the distance between the two of you. One thing you will like about this baby monitor is that it provides parents with an opportunity to interact with their children without necessarily meeting in person. This is because the monitor features a two way audio function. A parent can talk from one side and have a feedback for the child from the other side.

High Quality Speakers – Communication between a toddler and the parent using a monitor may not be possible without best speakers. The manufacturers of Foscam baby monitor understands the importance of communication hence they have fitted the monitor with the best speakers. You will certainly like the nature of audio produced by the speakers in this monitor.

In addition, the speakers are in built to ensure complete safety. Note that speakers are delicate hence the need to avoid exposing them.

High Quality Microphone – This is yet another communication feature that this baby monitor carries. The microphone is designed in a manner that its sound reception is very high. This ensures that both parties receive un-distorted sound.

Remote Control – Another great thing about this baby monitor is that you will not require operating it manually when trying to get a certain view. You can simply use remote control function to operate the monitor from afar. This involves tilting, panning and also zooming of images. Everything can be done by way of remote control.

Auto Power Off – This function allows parents to set a timer such that when the baby goes to sleep, the monitor goes off. In other terms, the automatic off function ensure that the gadget is switched off when not in use.


Night Vision – It is always important to note that babies should be kept on the watch more during then night. In this regard, Foscam baby monitor comes with a function that allows parents to view images of their babies at night regardless the darkness intensity.

Temperature Monitor – Keeping a close watch of the temperature in the baby’s room is of paramount importance. It is for this reason that Foscam Baby Monitor comes with a temperature sensor. This allows parents take the necessary measures in regulating the baby’s room temperature for utmost safety.

Optional Alerts – Any time there is a hazard in the baby’s room, parents should know right away. Foscam, baby monitor comes with optional alerts to inform parents of any unpleasant condition in the baby’s room.


With regard to the above crackdown, it is out right that Foscam FBM3501 Digital Video Baby Monitor is a perfect aid for parents. All its features advocate for its credibility hence the need to get one for your baby.

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