Best Baby Monitors; Can They Help Child Development?

Modern technology has given us mobile phones, and it has also given us some of the best baby monitors. Baby monitors are not a recent invention however. They have been around since 1937, when Japanese-American sculptor designed the Bakelite ‘Radio Nurse’ for the then Zenith Radio Corporation president to be able to monitor his daughter’s room. But that model never caught on commercially because it wasn’t very practical. Today, some of the best baby monitors and alarms are so common that they are unremarkable.

How do baby monitors work? 

Baby monitors use a simple technology. A radio system is set up to allow parents to hear the sounds in their infant’s room or crib. There is an audio monitor which has a microphone in the transmitter unit. This monitor is placed near the child. The other component or the receiver unit remains with the parent or whoever is caring for the child. This receiver contains a speaker. The transmitter uses radio waves to send the sounds the baby makes to the receiver.

There are some baby monitors that will let the parent or caregiver speak back to the baby through a two-way communication system. Others have video monitors, called baby cams that can be plugged into a TV screen or any device with an LCD screen to show videos. Some monitors will let music be played. Yet others are movement monitors that sense motion in the crib, and set off an alarm if movement stops for over 20 seconds. There are yet more advanced monitors that track heart rate, respiration, sleep quality, skin temperature and position via a little clip-on device clipped to the baby’s onesie.

Is a baby monitor any good for child development? 

The most obvious use of a baby monitor is to let others know when the baby is awake. They are effectively another set of eyes for parents. Busy moms can go about her work, carrying their portable receivers, while keeping an ‘eye’ out for any signs that the baby needs attention. It also gives parents a better night’s sleep, knowing that the monitor will let them know if the baby wants them.

But there are added advantages of baby monitors that play soothing music or play videos for your infant. Music has a significant role to play on child development, scientists have proven. Early training in music helps to boost brain development , say the researchers at Concordia University. The long term study showed significant brain advancements for kids at 6 and 8 years old if they listened to music as an infant. The children proved to have an easier time focusing, read at higher levels, and also showed much better reasoning skills.

It is has been suggested that that infants can recognize two different sound or auditory stimulus. The Center for Music Learning at the University of Texas has been carrying on extensive research on infant perception and cognition in relation to music. Researchers there have found that a 7 month old infant can tell apart melody and timbre. Timbre is the quality of the singing voice or music that is different from its pitch or loudness. There is a suggestion here that playing music for an infant may be able to help in developing the baby’s skills of categorization. There is still much research to be done on the effect of music on the infant brain, but so far parents can at the very least, take advantage of the soothing effects of music.

Classical music (which is more complex and rich in sound and texture than rock and roll, for instance) may be able to generate an interest and improvement in the cognitive skills of the baby as it grows. Babies respond to classical music as early as 5 months. The study shows that children who listen to classical music were more alert to surroundings and developed cognitive skills quicker than control group. These are reasons enough to use a baby monitor that lets you play MP3 to your infant or at least a baby monitor that plays classical music.


Baby monitors not only allow parents to rest easier knowing there little ones are being watched but baby monitor’s can have features that scientific studies prove to help develop your little one. Keep an eye out for these features and let your baby monitor help you.

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