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Best Baby Monitors; Can They Help Child Development?

Modern technology has given us mobile phones, and it has also given us some of the best baby monitors. Baby monitors are not a recent invention however. They have been around since 1937, when Japanese-American sculptor designed the Bakelite ‘Radio Nurse’ for the then Zenith Radio Corporation president to be able to monitor his daughter’s room. But that model never caught on commercially because it wasn’t very practical. Today, some of the best baby monitors and alarms are so common that...
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WiFi Baby Monitor, how they stack up to other baby monitor

Best Baby Monitors- WiFi Baby Monitors If you are shopping for a baby monitor you probably realized there are many different types of baby monitors and might feel a little overwhelmed. What we are going to do is start a series breaking down each different type of baby monitor to help you narrow down you search and make the task seem less daunting. In this article we are going to talk about WiFi Baby Monitors. What makes a baby monitor...
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Why Should A Baby Sleep in His / Her Own Room?

Baby Should Sleep in His/Her Own Room

Co-sleeping is a habit evident all over the world. When you allow your baby sleep in his/her own room it can be beneficial. Occasionally, due to family size or economic circumstances, it is barely possible to have a room for your baby in a household, but if possible, nonetheless, there numerous benefits your baby is bound to enjoy as well as the parent – both for the child development and logically. In fact, a baby sleeping in his/her room faces...
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Child Safety Tips

child safety tips

Needless to say, it is the obligation of a parent to always keep an eye on their infants and toddlers. This is because they can get hurt as they move around. Note that, as children grow, they develop a lot of curiosity which makes them explore different things and places. As a parent, you must take the safety of your kid as your full responsibility. You must therefore have a lot of knowledge on how to keep you baby safe...
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