Angelcare Baby Sound Monitor

A sound monitor is one of those modern conveniences a parent should not lack. It is a safety device that monitors and detects your baby’s sound and movement from the crib. Ages back, parents used to physically check on their baby while sleeping, which sometimes roused them. With the modern technology, a sound monitor does this for you, checking on your baby all through. It listens in to your baby and alerts you in a case of an abnormality. It can used on small babies and toddlers too, to ensure their safety. A sound monitor is also essential in helping to prevent kidnappers by alerting you on movement. With Angelcare baby monitor, you do not have to be in the same room to watch on your baby, letting you sleep or carry on with your duties with peace of mind.



Baby safety is of utmost importance to a parent. Angelcare sound monitor is committed to that. Following listed are some of the key safety benefits:


Baby monitoring helps protect your baby. It is also important, especially for first time mothers in baby sleeping training. With Angelcare baby monitor, you do not have to distract your baby from sleep by minimizing how frequently you check on him/her. The monitor does it for you. Angelcare baby monitor is also less susceptible to interference from other wireless devices, ensuring your baby get the quality of protection. The unit is also easy to use and warranted. With this monitor, you have a peace of mind while your baby is protected and safe all the time.

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