Keep A Watch On Your Kids With The Best Baby Monitor of 2015

Dropcam Wi-Fi Baby MonitorSafety of infant is a main concern of every parent and they always need their kid in front of them. But due to enormous work, it is not possible.

A Baby Monitor is an amazing safety device which will help you keep an eye on your kid while you are not around. You may take a nap or work in kitchen or clean your house without any worries as it alerts you if the baby wakes up and starts crying or makes any noise.

Watch My Tot provides you helpful reviews and comparison of these products which in turn will help you pick the safest and best baby monitor.

Top 3 Baby Monitor Reviews

Dropcam Pro Wi-Fi Baby Monitor

You can get a review of Wi-Fi Baby Monitors through the link.

Dropcam Pro Wi-Fi Baby MonitorIntroducing the Dropcam Pro Wi-Fi Wireless Video Monitoring Camera, which revolutionizes camera monitoring by making sure that it provides high definition and on time footage for any facility where it will be used.

Monitoring family members, especially babies, is not easier. To do be able to respond to the needs of the toddlers immediately and in the fastest time possible is a very difficult task.

Dropcam Pro Wi-Fi Baby Monitor makes it all easier for you as it is a fully featured, high definition wi-fi baby monitoring camera.

Key Features

  • User friendly (60 seconds set-up time)
  • Offers cloud based service add DVR-type functionality
  • Updated image sensor with sharper video
  • Easy connectivity with Wi-FI using PC or iOS mobile device
  • Live stream in just one minute
  • Field of view is at 130 degrees diagonal, with Zoom and night vision
  • Two-way talk, scheduling, updated alerts to Mobile and Web Apps
  • Dual-band-Wi-fi- Dropcam Pro, can support 2.4 GHz and 5GHz Wi-Fi networks
  • Functions as a security camera, pet-cam and baby monitor
  • This is connecting and go type of technology, users can receive alerts for sound and motion on their Smartphone and any other device that is compatible
  • Be able to Drop in live and talk directly with people and pets
  • The camera comes with night vision; it is possible to check what is going on no matter what time of the day
  • This camera device comes with a scheduling system; it can set alerts based on the time of the day or the location of the user
  • Live secure streaming, no other individual can see the footage
  • It comes with optional sharing; it allows users to stream with friends or to make the video public
  • Users would have to name the camera and create an account in order to be able to stream

Safety Benefits

  • The fully featured video monitoring is able to provide on time videos and pictures of your baby which needs constant monitoring
  • Within just a few clicks, the Dropcam app is able to provide information on what is going on inside the place where the camera is installed
  • Provides users the ability to view and control multiple cameras that have been installed.
  • It also has a cloud-based service that has DVR-type which makes it easy to go back in time and review specific events that have occurred while the camera was working
  • Works as a two-way audio, with 8x zoom as well as a 130-degree viewing angle which makes it a good competitor against other IP based video cameras, that are available on the market
  • The new pro version also makes use of the Bluetooth low-energy technology; this means that users can still perform the set-up using only a mobile device
  • This device is also very useful for individuals who are on a vacation; there is an optional Cloud Video Recording (CVR) service added in the safety feature, this means that the user can save up to 30 days of continuous video
  • Be able to review footage on the device and share the clips with friend and family. This recording function can also be used as keeping safe some great memories of your baby while he/she is growing up
  • Be able to stream safely using the bank-level encryption

The camera comes with one year warranty for parts if bought directly from manufacturers. It is compatible with web browsers Internet Explorer 7+, Firefox 3+ Google Chrome.


This product gets a positive review for being one of the most advanced types of security/baby monitoring camera. It is considered to be the best functioning type of camera created for monitoring and surveillance purposes. Users are able to hear the sounds and figure out what is happening to their loved ones even while they are away. The ability of this device to connect to a number of Smartphones using Wi-Fi connection network is what sets it apart from other major competitors in the market today.

Peace of mind is guaranteed with the Dropcam Pro Wi-Fi Wireless Video Monitoring Camera.

Summer Infant Baby Monitor

Summer Infant Baby MonitorLooking for the best video baby monitor? Well, there is a great deal of reasons why you should consider Summer Infant Baby Monitor. The monitor is made of outstanding features which greatly complement its functionality. In addition, the monitor is made using high technology which again ensures that you monitor your baby in the most convenient way. It uses digital technology to allow parents monitor their babies easily as compared to other baby monitors.

Key Features

  • Touch Screen Monitor: Summer Infant Baby Monitor comes with a 3.5 inch touch screen. The monitor is large enough to enable you view the images of your baby in the best way. One other thing you will definitely like about the screen is that it has high sensitivity to touch. You will therefore not struggle while operating the system.
  • Expandable System: This feature goes best with parents who may have more than one baby. This is because you can add up to 3 more cameras to the system to help you focus on different babies. You will therefore be saved the budget of buying more baby monitors as your family grows since you will only require adding cameras. Note that buying a complete baby monitor is expensive than buying a camera.
  • Digital Privacy: Summer Infant baby Monitor is the best when it comes to private and secure connection. It allows you to connect both the camera and the monitor in the best way. In addition, this baby monitor has a powerful signal which ensures constant connection between the baby and the parent.
  • Two-Way Communication: Communication between the parent and baby is of great importance. It helps you in knowing the status of your baby from afar. In this regard, Summer Infant Baby monitor is designed in a way that you can communicate with your baby in the most convenient way. The monitor bears a 2-way communication feature which comprises of high quality speakers and microphones to allow you to talk to your baby when necessary.
  • Quality Videos: If you are looking for a baby monitor with the capacity to provide you with best images, then Summer Infant Baby monitor will match you perfectly. The system is designed to provide high definition videos which other monitors cannot. With the help of a zooming feature, you will be in a position to have clear shots of your baby.

Safety Benefits

  • Temperature Monitoring: This is the best safety feature that Summer Infant Baby monitor has. The monitor allows you to know the nature of the baby’s room temperature. This will help you know when the temperature is unfavorable for your baby and take measures accordingly.
  • Camera Movements: Summer Infant Baby monitor has a zoom, tilt and pan feature which allows you to monitor the larger part of the baby’s room. That way, you will be in a position to trace anything in the room which might be risky to the baby.


With the above features, it is evident that Summer Infant Baby Monitor stands unique. The monitor is an ideal solution for baby monitoring since it is of quality and ranks top above others.

Samsung SEW-3037W Baby Monitor

Samsung SEW-3037W Baby MonitorThe Samsung SEW-3037W Wireless Pan Tilt Video Baby Monitor Infrared Night Vision and Zoom, 3.5 inc has been specifically designed to ensure the safety of your child no matter where you are. Through some of the greatest features that you can find in any other product, it ensures that your child is safe at all times.

This monitor comes with numerous features and has multiple safety benefits. There are some cons with this product as well but its brighter side supersedes the negatives. One of the best sellers with great reviews, this product has been an ideal choice for parents all over the world.

Key Features

  • A 3.5” LCD display. This offers a high color resolution that ensures high quality images. The monitor also has a 2.4 GHz signal that is very secure and free from interference. The monitor also offers a VGA (640×480) resolution to ensure high quality images.
  • The monitor comes with a Remote control pan, zoom and tilt. This one helps in the rotation of the monitor to enable one to view the surroundings of the area where your child sleeps. This is important in that one will be able to spot any danger that might lurk around your child.
  • To add on this, the monitor has a remote controlled in-built light that helps to soothe your child to sleep. This means that you don’t have to go through all the trouble of soothing your child to sleep. It also means that you don’t have to stay up late watching your child as they will asleep almost immediately when they are around the monitor.
  • The 2 way talk audio built-in mic and a speaker enables you talk to the child while quietly soothing them to sleep. It also enables you listen to them when they stir. This will also help you know whether the child is sleeping or not. The mic also has a quiet mode feature that enables one remove the background noise that may wake your child. This monitor has the ability of being expanded up to four cameras. This means that you can monitor even more than one child.
  • The pure digital signal that is able to send signals that are not interfered with up to a distance of 900” (274m). This ensures that you can be able to pick up a signal many meters away from your child. The monitor LEDs are able to indicate up to 5 levels of sound.
  • The monitor has a night vision that is able to view about 15 ft in the dark. This helps you to know what is going on in your child’s room even when there are on lights. The monitor also has a low battery warning. These are usually is an IR LEDs that is non-visible. This means that it does not distract your child’s good night’s sleep.
  • The monitor has a standby mode that enables it to conserve power in that if there isn’t a noise for a considerable time (around one minute), the monitor shuts the screen in the VOX mode. The monitor will turn immediately turn on the screen upon detecting some noise.

Safety Benefits

  • One of the great safety benefits that this monitor offers is that the monitor will always ensure that you know the whereabouts of your child. This is made possible by the combination of several features like the pure digital signal, the night vision mode and the 2 way talk audio. Therefore one does not have to worry about something bad happening to their child.
  • The remote controlled pan and tilt will also ensure that one is able to know what is in the child’s room therefore they can spot anything harmful to the child and therefore remove it.


In my opinion however, anyone who holds the welfare of their kids at heart should go ahead and buy this monitor as it is very efficient in keeping the child safe from any harm. It also eases the work of monitoring the child as one can be in a different room from that of the child and still take care of the child while doing other things. Therefore the price of the monitor should not discourage one as the services it offers are worth more than what one pays for it.

I have picked top rated baby monitors from each category. It will help you narrow down your search. Here are my top picks:

Best Video Baby Monitor: While reviewing the best baby monitors in video category, Samsung SEW-3037W topped the charts. With so many useful and necessary features and positive reviews from parents, this product deserves the spot.

Best iPhone Baby Monitor: If you are looking for iPhone compatible monitor, Withings Smart Baby Monitor wins the race. » Read Withings Smart Review

Best WiFi Baby Monitor: When it comes to home surveillance or child safety & security, there is no match for Dropcam Pro Wi-Fi Monitor. It is also the best product in the top rated baby monitors category at Amazon.

Best Audio Baby Monitor: For some parents, there is no need for video or Wi-Fi. These choose audio monitors over others. If you are one among these, you should go with Angelcare Baby Audio Monitor. This is one of the top baby monitors and ranks best in this category. » Read Angelcare Review

Cheapest Baby Monitor: If you do not want to spend too much money on these devices, do not worry. VTech Communications Safe & Sound is a gem among cheap baby monitors which comes with quality and safety. More than thousand of parents have reviewed this product and rated it among top three at Amazon. » Read VTech Communications Safe & Sound Review

What is a Baby Monitor?

A baby monitor, which is also known as a baby alarm is basically an audio system or an audio-visual system that can be used to remotely listen to sounds of the baby and/or watch the kid with the help of video unit, thus helping you to monitor over your baby even at a time when you are not present in the same room physically. Perhaps, you baby is sleeping while you are engaged in other things in another part of your house then as soon as he or she wakes up or start crying, you will readily get informed by this device. Essentially a baby alarm is made in such a way that it has a radio system with an audio monitor that has a transmitter unit and equipped with a microphone, put next to the kid or it can be equipped with a camera and a visual unit through with you can keep an eye on your baby.

Types of Baby Monitors

Baby monitors can be categorized into 4 types which are as following:

Audio Baby Monitor

An audio monitor helps you listen to sounds of your baby. When he/she is awake and starts making sound, you will get to know with the help of this device. It comes with a parent unit which allows you to listen to every noise inside the baby room. Parent can carry this unit with them while working.

Video Baby Monitor

A video baby monitor comes with a camera and a visual display unit. Apart from listening to the sounds made by baby, you can also watch him. It gives an additional layer or safety as if your infant starts moving inside the room, you will get to know what he or she is up-to. In addition to safety features, it allows you to save the best moments of your baby like the cute smile he or she makes or the first steps of the baby in case if you are not around.

WiFi Baby Monitor

A WiFi baby monitor can be an audio or video monitor, supporting transmission over the WiFi. It does not use radio frequency and connects with your home network. The data transmission takes place over the WiFi.

iPhone Baby Monitor

Since the inception of smartphones, it has become an integral part of our lives. Some parents are more active and use smartphones very frequently and want everything on their phone. Couple of companies brought infant monitors which can be connected with iOS apps, hence allow you to keep a track of your baby on your iPhone.


Child monitors are known to possess lots of advantages. Co sleeping with your baby in the same room is not a good idea as there is always an increased risk of SIDS. Babies are put in their own room and that is why these monitors play a very essential role in monitoring the child while they are not near you. Moreover, with the modern day working, parent that may not have support for a joint family kind of system, where another party would lend a hand to the care of the baby, this device plays a very significant role in monitoring the child while you are not in the proximity.

Secondly if your baby has some medical conditions such as asthma, cystic fibrosis, sleep apnea and requires to be monitored constantly, then this device comes quite in handy. Any abnormal behavior with the baby can be monitored or the device will alert you if there is any activity in the baby’s room.


However, indispensable as these devices may seem, they are not without some disadvantages or flaws. These devices sometimes may be deceptive given that they may interfere with signals from your neighbor’s house and vice versa. Another flip side of this device is that some of these may be too sensitive towards the sound thus detecting even the slightest movements or sounds can trigger the alarm thus waking up everyone in the room. Furthermore as the baby’s caretaker or the mother, you will end up having quite an interrupted sleep from every single movement or sound that a healthy baby makes during their sleep.

Points to Consider Before Buying

With numerous products in the shelf, there are plenty of options for your needs. You need to identify that which will serve the purpose that you require it to serve. Some of the features that you need to look into are:

Security, Frequency and Size

These are also features that one needs to consider before he or she decides to purchase a particular monitor. One needs to look for monitor that offers the digitally enhanced security technology as they are the most secured with an encrypted images and sounds. The 1.9 gigahertz band baby monitor offers the most secured and longer range of area coverage. In addition the size of these devices allows for the easy of movement around the house. The smaller the device the more easily you can carry it around.


Other features that one can check before they are able to buy a particular child monitor is the power options like the monitor runs on main power or it works on battery. If the monitor is battery based, how long the battery lasts. A sound activated light, a multiple receiver to allow you to walk with one as you leave the second one at home as well as a temperature tracker to enable you monitor the baby’s room temperature. If you want to monitor your baby at night, you may require a product with night vision supported by infrared technology. Some products come with night light and lullabies which help soothe your baby while sleeping. Temperature sensor can turn out to be a good option if the temperature of your house varies time to time.

Safety Measures

A baby monitor being an electronic device requires to be handled with a lot of precautionary measures lest it harm the infant or cause unprecedented accident when the caretaker is not in the vicinity. If this device has a long cord, ensure that it is out of reach from the baby otherwise the baby might grab it and end up causing harm. Remember that the device should not be installed within 3 feet of the reach of the baby.

Furthermore, try not to place this device near water, this might cause electric shock and eventually end up creating an unprecedented damage.


Consider your budget before buying a monitor. Audio monitors are less expensive as compared to their video counterparts. Price is also dependent on the features of these items, the more the features, the higher the price will be.


Check out our Ultimate Comparison Guide which will help you choose the best baby monitor for your kid or you can read our baby monitor reviews to get an idea of the product you are planning to purchase. Keep in mind that no product is complete. You should choose the right one which suits your needs and solves your purpose. Do not buy cheap crappy product as it is a matter of the safety of your precious one.

And at the last, we wish you “Happy Parenting” as every parent should enjoy this phase without worries and concerns with child’s safety.